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Sep 30, 2016

Welcome back to Bones Knows. This week Bones is joined by Greg and-Joe from The All Seeing Guys and Jay from How To Write A Tune for a special International Podcast day session... and the beers they be flowing.

There will be a version of this show going out on How To Write A Tune and The All Seeing Guys too, but have no fear, I have some exclusive content to thank you for coming here.

At the end of the podcast, for the patient or the fast forwarders among you is a sneak preview of Weed 2 Succeed (2016) from the soon to be released - 'Now That Sounds Like The BrassKats - Volume 2 - The Even Greater Hits'.

The intro music today is Last Call by Lee Rosevere - from the album 'Music For Podcasts 2'