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Dec 6, 2016

Bones Knows: Proper Trailers presents - Transformers: The Last Knight - Trailer - (Bones Knows Remix)

I saw the new Transformers trailer this morning and thought it could be better.
So without further ado Proper Trailers presents UNICRON 2017 (Fans of the 1986 movie - enjoy)
Please check out the original version too...

Sep 30, 2016

Welcome back to Bones Knows. This week Bones is joined by Greg and-Joe from The All Seeing Guys and Jay from How To Write A Tune for a special International Podcast day session... and the beers they be flowing.

There will be a version of this show going out on How To Write A Tune and The All Seeing Guys too, but have no...

Sep 8, 2016

This is a special episode from the ElShedo archives. Recorded 11 years ago, Tony and Jay are joined by the third musketeer MC Fiba for a song writing session. Listen live as BK classics such as Spread My Love and It's Raining are born into existence with the help of our old friend.

Aug 4, 2016

Now That Sounds Like The BrassKats (The Greatest Hits) - Volume 02 - Coming Soon!

We at BrassKat HQ have decided that Volume 01 of Now That Sounds Like The BrassKats needs a little spruce up.

Check out our Remastered (or finally actually mastered) version of Africa (Toto Cover). Recorded in 2006, Released...

Jul 27, 2016

Thanks for listening to Bones Knows. If this is the only episode you are receiving then you are an early adopter and I welcome you muchly.

This episode is last weeks show from How To Write A Tune where Tony and Jay discuss the launch of Bones Knows and their new band 'Jacking Off Dad'.

Catch up on all the episodes...